Friday, 27 July 2007

In the blood

My first career choice was to become a journalist-a hard nosed, high heel wearing out to exploit the bad guys journalist who would live in a big house with great security system and a nice rava in the driveway. My second choice was to become a radio presenter and again have the nice house and car. My third choice is still a blur and well the job I do now was never a plan it was in the blood.

Now I don't mean to sound all 'godfather' like but its true. Some things run in your blood and somethings sadly don't (e.g. if you're nan has great skin you can almost guarantee you're skin won't be half as good). My grandfather was an immigrant back in the 1960's. He came to England after selling up his business in Pakistan (he owned some rickshaws in Karachi-for those of you who don't know what they are there a type of transportation which are pulled along by humans). Now before human rights start having a go I'm not defending the use of humans as animals I'm just stating the truth behind my evolution into a career in business. Now that the animal right activists have sat down with a cup of herbal tea let me proceed.

My grandfather worked 18 hours a day working two jobs so he could achieve his dream of setting up a business-he was a hard working person. Shame none of his offspring we're that hardworking. He worked hard, slept less and saved enough to buy his first house in Birmingham. He bought a house in need for repair. He did it up, let ted it out (rented it) and the rest as they say is history. My history I guess. After that property he bought more and more and more. That was back in the 60's so by the time his first grandchild came along (that's me) in 1983 you think he may have slowed down. Nope, not at all. I remember spending time as a child in these houses getting in the way of my grandfather whilst he put up wallpaper, did some plastering etc etc. My first memories are of my grandfather as he worked on the houses he bought. We' d often spend weekends at the houses whilst my old looking grandad worked and worked and worked. As a child I remember thinking my grandad was the best kind of like superman. But as we get older some things change...

So in 2001 I enrolled on a Journalism degree hoping to become a hard nosed deep digging journalist by the end of my degree (think Courtney Cox's show Dirt and they should get the picture although I wasn't into celebrities I wanted to expose the government). Well going university opened my eyes-it opened my eyes to the harsh reality of celebrity obsessed culture that we live in today. If a celebrity has broken their foot that deserves more tabloid inches than the problems in Darfur. And the logic in that is? Lets me honest shall we-there's no way we can justify this without talking about the fact we must all be pretty damn upset in normal everyday life to want to read about who's having a tummy tuck and who's boyfriend was seen climbing out of a blonde's bed at 3am in London...

What is the world coming to? Are we really all that sick of everyday life that we would rather dream of someone else's life than do something about our own grey lives?

Needless to say I never did go into Journalism-I literally fall into business. I discovered that a lot of countries still use natural based beauty products to do the job just as efficiently as an expensive £15.00 bottle of moisturiser would do. So why do we pay more for something that comes in a flashy box?

Firstly, you are paying for a label. Stop whining that you do believe in labels because the fact you spend a silly amount on a moisturiser states otherwise.

Secondly, you are paying for a celebrity to go on another useless shopping most big brands employ a well known celebrity to advertise their products. Please do not ask me why-surely you have not forgotten what you read a few minutes ago about our celebrity obsession?

Thirdly you are paying for the packaging. On average 10% of a products cost ends up going on packaging. Lets think about this carefully-do we really need to spend 10 pence out of every pound on packaging that will end up filling up a land fill site? Not much of the packaging is recyclable either.

Lastly you are playing into the hands of the bigwigs at these large companies. They are in fact exploiting you're biggest fear...the fear if getting old. You see the more you spend on the creams, potions and lotions the more their companies make the bigger their salaries become and all because they've figured out you're scared senseless of becoming old!

So ladies and gentleman-wouldn't you rather age gracefully and spend that money on items that you actually like spending you're hard earned cash on?

After learning what I have just told I decided to launch my own small business called Serene Goddess. This little business is not going to take on the bigwigs-for that is something you consumers need to do. I promise to educate and provide items that are worthy of even a Princesses bathroom but are affordable to all. I promise to help conserve the environment by providing items in reusable and recyclable packaging and lastly I promise to only make items that are naturally inspired, are free from harmful chemicals, are made in the UK, are halal and suitable for vegetarians and are simply the best.

Bath bombs, soaps, scrubs, lip butters etc will all be given an Eco make over to rival the best. Serene Goddess will become the boutique on the web where there is a waiting list for its gorgeous chocolate body scrubs! I will become a sensation its only a matter of time...
And before I forget we do have a shop on most shoppers favourite auction site-ebay

So there you have it folks, my first wasn't as painful as I imagined. Got to go make some new product...all shall be revealed soon.